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International Forum of Psychosis & Bipolarity

Bringing clinicians, researchers and industry
together to confront the challenges of
Psychosis and Bipolarity


International Forum of Psychosis & Bipolarity

“Diagnostic boundaries separating mental disorders hamper effective treatments”
NATURE, 25th April 2013

The International Forum of Psychosis and Bipolarity (formerly the European Bipolar Forum) is an Association that creates a voice for clinicians and researchers to help steer the constant progress and development of knowledge relating to Psychosis and Bipolarity. It encourages the initiation of new international projects and research, encouraging members to link up through the website and conference activities to further develop the understanding of the conditions.

This move is a recognition that diagnosis rarely follows the theoretical classification which sees Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorders as two distinct groups. This separation of conditions is followed by drugs companies, regulators, research funders, journals and bench researchers. This can create difficulties for psychiatrists treating patients who exhibit symptoms across the boundaries.

To reflect this change in Association focus, The Winter Workshop on Psychosis and the International Review of Bipolar Disorders (IRBD) was merged in 2014 to form a joint conference called the International Review of Psychosis and Bipolarity (IRPB).

The IFPB represents both clinicians and researchers and a programme of IFPB Task Forces has been developed which emphasise the importance of all aspects of research and treatment into Psychosis & Bipolarity.  Draft consensus statements will be published in key topic areas.  You can find out more and add your commenst on the IFPB Task Forces part of this website.

You can review the membership benefits for the IFPB on this website or join us now to add your voice.

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